September 11, 2007

Hello Again

I know it has been a while since I've posted, sorry all.  I haven't been posted because I've been fairly busy and when I'm busy, I get tired very quickly.  I guess in the scheme of things, blogging isn't real high on the totem pole.

I want to thank Dina for her wonderful comment about Social Security Disability.  I thought she had a lot of great suggestions and I plan to try them out.  I wanted to contact Dina to ask for the forms she suggested, but sadly, no email address was left.  So, Dina, if you come back, please contact me at Bunny 414 @ gmail. com (for those of you who don't understand why I've put all the spaces in the email address, it's to keep the spammers from getting it.  Just squeeze it all together and it will work).

I will try to post a bit more frequently, but I don't want to bore you all with the same old things all the time.  Take care and I'll be back soon...Bunny

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August 13, 2007

They Think I'm Going To Sue

I bought a package of Wal-Mart's Great Value Brand Lemon Wafer Cookies.  They are really very good cookies!  I was eating a wafer and bit down on something hard.  After swollowing a piece of the hard substance(rather uncomfortably), I pull the remaining hard item from my mouth. After I looked it over and broke a piece in half, it looked to me like possibly a piece of plastic.  Well, I save what I didn't swallow, on the off chance I got sick, which I didn't. 

Being a good samaritan, I contacted Wal-Mart via email and told them what had happened.  My intention was to only inform them, incase there was a problem with the batch of cookies and perhaps they needed to do a recall.  My purpose for contacting Wal-Mart was honorable and I had no other intention but to give them a heads up to a possible problem.

About a week ago, I receive a letter form another company who represents the maker of the Great Value Brand Lemon Wafer Cookies.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw they were actually talking settlement.  They told me to expect a call so that they can gather more information. 

Basically, I don't see any sense in suing Wal-Mart, the maker of the cookies, or anyone else.  I just wanted to do a good deed.  That's not to say if they want to send me a Wal-Mart Gift card for being a decent human being, I wouldn't object....Bunny


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August 10, 2007

Hello Again

It's been a while since I lasted posted, I've been busy with seeing Rachael in Charlottesville and my oldest daughter Robyn coming for a visit from Virginia Beach.  All is well with everyone, Rachael will be coming home for a few days before leaving for junior year and Robyn will stop back again next week when she gets back from visiting her mother-in-law in New Hampshire.  I'll try not to stay away for so long....Bunny

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August 02, 2007

Dog Days Of Summer

It's August and it's extremely hot.  The local weather man is using the words "blistering" and "scorching", I say down right unbearable.  It's so hot our air conditioner can't keep up.  So, I haven't been doing much of anything except sitting in front of a fan and drinking lemonaide. The really bad thing about this heat, is that we have opera tickets tomorrow night to see Le Boheme at The Ashlawn Opera Company and it's an outdoor theater.  I want to go to the show, but with the heat and humid weather, I don't know if I'm going to be able to handle it.  This is my daughters Rachael's show and it means a lot to her and to me to see it.  That's part of the many bitch factors of Fibromyalgia, you can't handle the heat well at all (I didn't handle it too well before the Fibro) and the heat is exhausting, which in turn makes the chronic fatigue worse.  I'm going to do my best to go, but next year, Mookie get a job at an indoor theater!!!...Bunny

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July 31, 2007

She's Baacckk!

Just wanted to let all the Mookie fans know that Letters to Andre has been posting again.  Let's hope it's not temporary!....Bunny

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July 28, 2007


The Following is from a postcard I recieved in the mail:
Enough is Enough!
State and federal cigarette taxes have been raised more than 73 times since the year 2000, increasing the average price of cigarettes 80%.  Now Congress is targeting smokers again with a $6.10 a carton tax increase.
Everyone should pay there share of taxes, but singling out smokers is unfair.  Tell Congress raising cigarette taxes 156% is going to far.  Say NO to higher cigarette taxes.  Learn what you can do at Stop the Tax increase  or call 1-866 527-4494.
I went to this website and what it does is allows you, using a quick form, to send a letter to your state senators and representatives.  I did it, I hope you will too. 
Also, several weeks ago, I received a phone call from a pollster asking me if I thought increasing cigarette taxes to raise money for "under privileged childrens" health care was a good idea.  I adamantly said NO.  There are enough programs out there for the "under priviledge children" and it should be everyone paying for their "programs", not just smokers!
I ask that you please go to the website and let your voice be heard.  Then, please copy and send this to everyone you know who is a smoker or anyone who is tired of tax increases and ask them to fill out the form as well.  Yes, we choose to smoke, but that doesn't mean we choose to pay more taxes than non-smokers.  Thank You!...Bunny

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July 24, 2007

New Preamble To The Constitution

This came across my desk and I thought it was pretty interesting.  It has been attributed to State Representative Mitchell Kaye from Georgia.   Please, read on....Bunny 


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July 19, 2007

Road Trip

It's still 5 months way, but the road trip I'm planning with my oldest daughter is really giving me something to look forward to.  Yesterday I bought a primo Rand McNally and it even had a copy of "Land of the Free", a booklet of 75 free places to visit while road tripping.  I have decided on two must stop and sees so far, both in Oklahoma.  I want to visit the Memorial to the victims of the 1995 Alfred P. Murrah Federal building bombing in Oklahoma City.  Just a little south of there, in the town of Norman, Oklahoma is a statue I am dying to see.  Now, don't laugh, but it's a statue of my all time favorite actor who grew up in Norman, James Garner.  I have loved that man since I can remember and since I will be so close, I'm gonna go see it, a pilgrimage you might say.  Thanks to those who gave me ideas of what to see along I-40 and I-20, keep them coming...Bunny

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July 18, 2007

Interesting Debate

There is an interesting debate starting on Lovable Pixie about smokers rights.   If this affects you, you might want to head over and put in your two cents worth...Bunny

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July 17, 2007

Am I Insane?

I was just wondering if I'm insane?  I have already bought several christmas gifts (a couple of them months ago) and am already working on making several presents.  While I'm sitting here sweating in this horrible summer heat wave, I can't help but wonder if this is this normal?....Bunny

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July 11, 2007

Our Special Day

Today is mine and Ted's 26th wedding anniversary. I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday.  Everyone was surprised because I was the calmest person in the wedding party.  I was so in love, so confident that Ted was the right man for me, I didn't have anything to fear.  I knew the minute I saw him that he would be my everything.  We've hit a few bumps in the road, but our devotion to each other has never diminished, not even for a second.  We are still madly, passionately in love with each other, more so than any other couple I've ever known, with the possible exception of Ted's parents.

Thank you my love, for the best 26 years of my life!...Bunny

And to think they were taking bets at our wedding as to how long our marriage would last. 

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July 10, 2007


Tomorrow is mine and Ted's 26th wedding anniversary.  He suprised me today with a dozen red roses.  Thank you dear!...Bunny

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July 04, 2007

Follow Up On Yesterday's "FUN"

So, I went to my Mammogram appointment yesterday and I got my breasts squashed and pinched.  It wasn't the worse one I've ever had, but it certainly wasn't pleasant.  You know if 1% of the money spent on Viagra or "erectile disfunction" studies and research was spent on a better way to check for breast cancer, maybe this annual exam wouldn't be so unpleasant and women wouldn't hesitant or be neglectful about this important test.

The Sleep Study was an adventure in torture of a different kind.  I had to arrive at 8:30 and immediately get ready for bed.  I was told I didn't have to try to sleep right away, but he needed to prep me by 9:00.  The prep was easy on my part, I had to sit in a chair and let them do the work.  The work consisted of attaching over 20 probes, mostly on my head WITH GLUE!!! So, now I'm sitting there with glue all over my head and parts of my body, he then straps these uncomfortable bands above my chest and on my waist and then around my feet.  All these wires are hanging down around me and are connected to a juction box, which in turn is attached to a computer style 20+ pin connector.  The tech tells me to not touch any of the stuff hanging off of me but to get comfortable and try to get myself drowsy.  Every 20 minutes or so, this tech comes back to see if I'm ready to sleep.  Even though I wasn't, I said the hell with it and tried anyway.  Have you ever tried to get comfortable with 40 yards of wires hanging off of you?  Well to end the story, it took me hours to fall asleep, I slept like crap and then I got woke up at 6:00 so he could remove all the junk he attached to me, except of course the GLUE.  I washed my hair twice and am still picking it out of my scalp. 

Happy 4th of July, I'm going to sleep through it....Bunny


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July 03, 2007

The Day of the Year Every Woman Looks Forward To....Yeah Right!

Today is that "wonderful" day that every woman looks forward to, my annual Mammogram.  It's such a pleasure to be stripped naked from the waist up, have a stranger handle my breasts and squeeze and stretch them between two cold plates.  It's such a treat! And if that wasn't enough torture to go through, this evening I get to go spend the night in the hospital for a sleep study.  Again, I get to have a stranger handle my body and put sticky probes all over me with wires connectiong to a machine.  Have you ever tried to roll over, get comfortable and sleep with a dozen wires hanging off body from head to toe? 

What a wonderful day this will be...Bunny

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June 23, 2007

Off To Baltimore

Today Ted and I and our oldest daughter and son-in-law are off to Baltimore.  It's my niece's graduation party. 

I grew up in a town, Dundalk, a southeast suburbs of Baltimore.  When I last lived there some 25+ years ago, it was a fairly thriving suburb, now, since the auto plant and the steel mill closed, the town has started to die.  I enjoy going back every now and again, but at the same time, it's saddens me.  The house I grew up in has deteriorated due to the string of new owners in the last 10 years since my parents flew the coop and moved to Florida.  A lot of the old stores and places I used to frequent have fallen on hard times and closed or went way down hill.  My childhood wasn't the greatest, but I do have fond memories of growing up there.  I guess the old saying rings true, you can't go home again....Bunny

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June 21, 2007

Warehouse Stores

Do you have a membership to a warehouse store?  Sam's Club, BJ's. Costco?  We go to Sam's on a fairly regular basis, usually to checkout the DVD's and to buy meat.  Why is it that when there's only Ted and I, that we can't get out of  the store without spending $200.00 or more.  Last night, it was well over $700 and all we bought was meat, cigarettes and medicine? It makes me wonder, are these stores really a bargain or just an inticing scheme to get you to spend more than if you would do your shopping at a regular store?  Has anybody done the math?  Is it really a bargain? ...Bunny

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June 15, 2007

Happy (the first of many) 49th Birthday

Today is my sister's 49th birthday.  When I called her to wish her a happy birthday, she stated that this is it, no more aging.  From here on out, every birthday will be her 49th.  I can't say that I blame her as I'm not all that far behind.... Bunny

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June 11, 2007

Too Weird To Make Up

I heard this on our 11:00 news last night.  An Iowa woman is facing jail time for trying to steal three rolls of toilet paper from, of all places, a court house.  She stuffed the rolls in her blouse and tried to walk out with them right in front of a court house guard.  Could she be trying to become a canidate for the Darwin Awards?  Oh, by the way, her name is Suzanne FLUSH...Bunny

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We happen to be lucky enough to have an Ikea store about 3 miles from our home.  We don't go often, but when we do go, it's usually a fun and amusing trip.

Ikea has just about anything you might want.  It's a department store that's true to the name department.  You can buy all kinds of furniture, linens, kitchenwares, art, lighting, I could go on and on.  The fun part is seeing items that you wouldn't see in other stores and the names that go with them.  Ikea uses it Swedish names for darn near everything.  Just trying to pronounce some of them can be a gigglefest all in it's self.  I'm looking to redecorate and reoutfit my sewing room.  Some of the wilder names of products I looked at were: Agerum, Leksvik, Lysvik & Kavalkad. 

Ikea makes a great rainy day outing.  It can take you hours to go through the whole store (it's laid out so that you follow the arrows and you see EVERYTHING) and if you get hungry, you can hit their restaurant and have a plate of swedish meatballs.  Fun, Fun, Fun!....Bunny

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June 07, 2007

Parking Privileges

I have held a disabled parking permit for nearly 20 years.  If I'm having a good day, I don't use it so others can.  If I see a regular parking place close to where I'm going, I use it, again to allow someone else to use the handicap space. 

What I've been noticing lately is a new trend.  "Pregnant Women's" parking spaces or "Parking for Parents with Small Children".  What the hell is this all about.  I'm not a feminist nor a proponent of feminine causes.  Since when does being pregnant or having small kids become a disability.  Last night, my husband and I went to the mall.  The space for Pregnant/Parents with Infants parking was closer to the door than the handicap space.  At the grocery store, the same thing. 

When I was pregnant 25, 23, and 19 years ago, I was told that pregnancy is a normal condition, unless there was some sort of complication, I was to do normal activites and maintain the same lifestyle (with the pregnancy drinking/smoking/eating proper exceptions).  Has that changed?  In this day of low infant morality and modern medicine, pregnancy and child care is better than ever.  Percentages of live births and healthy children are higher then they have ever been.  Then, why all the sudden are there these special privileges for people who simply have (in most cases) a condition or situation that they planned for. 

I'm not an idiot, I know a lot of people misuse Handicap Parking.  On the other hand, more people use the system properly then those who abuse it.  It bothers me that there are so few handicap parking places available, percentage wise then regular parking, now they seem to be taking away close parking for what seems to be to me only a "customer pleaser".   On a bad day, it takes me about 5 minutes to get from my car to the door of a store or mall.  If it were raining, I would be pretty much soaked.  Now, how long would it take a pregnant woman or a parent with small kids take to go that same distance?  15-30 seconds?  How wet would they be?  How cold would they be in the winter or hot in the summer.  It just doesn't make sense to me and I'm damned pissed off about it.  What do you think?....Bunny

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June 02, 2007

Good Quote

A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man... which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.    -G. Gordon Liddy

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May 31, 2007

Disturbing Piece of News

I saw an article about a new kind of "double" theft.  First, the theif steals your licence plate.  Once your plate is stolen the theif puts it on their own vehicle, gases their car up then drives off without paying.  The gas station camera's take a picture of the pump and run vehicle and guess what, they prosecute the person who's licence plate was stolen.  

Yes, gas prices are climbing, but I find it disturbing that someone would go to all this trouble to rip off $30.00-$50.00 worth of gas.  So heads up to everyone, check you car or truck once in a while and if you notice a missing licence plate, report it to the police so you don't get screwed even more by the high gas prices....Bunny

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May 23, 2007

Painful Negligence

Sometimes, when life gets me down, I'm in a lot of pain or just can't get motivated, I tend to be negligent to those I love.  It's not intentional, it's not meant to be hurtful, but I know I am disappointing those who mean the most to me.  I often feel disoriented, in a fog that I can't break through. I want to be a "happy go lucky" mom, wife and friend, but there are times when I just can't muster the enthusiasm that I need to.  I apologize to all those who depend on me, lean on me and need my ear to listen or shoulder to cry on.  Even though I may not be visibly or audibly coherent, I do hear, I do see and most of all, I do care.....Bunny

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May 19, 2007

I'm Baacck

Well, we're back from vacation. We had a wonderful time even through it was kind of a whirlwind trip.  The drive back was long and exhausting, but I think the part of the trip I enjoyed most was the drive.  When you're stuck in a car for 8-10 hours you have the chance to talk, joke and sing to your favorite songs loaded in the CD player.  It's a time to catch up and bond again before real life smacks you in the face and makes it hard to enjoy those special moments.  I'll take a long car drive over a quick plane trip any day.......Bunny

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May 16, 2007

Gas Vs. Milk

When gas prices began to rise, we always consoled ourselves with the fact that per gallon, gas prices have been a better deal vs. milk prices. Well, here in Conn., that allusion was squashed today.  We pulled into a gas station and paid $3.25/gal for gas..  There was a sign in the window of the Mini Mart attached to the gas station, Milk $2.69/gallon.  I long for the days when gas was cheaper then milk, especially now that all the kids are gone.

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May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

I spent the Mother's Day weekend with my youngest daughter.  It's the last weekend of her Sophomore year of College and we went down to see a one act play festival, 2 of which plays she directed herself.  All six plays were very good, but being a bias mother, I think her 2 were among the very best.  Whatever this wonderful young woman sets her mind to do, she does it to the very best of her ability and the results show her efforts.

I'm very proud that all three of my children have an incredible work ethic.  With many of today's youths believing that the world owes them a living and things should be handed to them by Mom and Dad or the government, my children have all gone out into the world and forged their own path and their own destiny.  I'm very proud to have three self achieving offspring and to say that it has been my pleasure to have raised these children for the last 24 1/2 years.  I Love You all!!....Mom

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May 09, 2007


If you want to grow up to be a Physical Therapist, you better be a masochist!!!


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May 04, 2007

Medical Insurance

I've dealt with medical insurance both personally and when I worked in several different medical offices.  I am extremely lucky to have great medical coverage through my husbands employer.  It's frustrating however when something you really need isn't covered by your medical insurance.  I needed a wheelchair, no coverage.  My doctor and physical therapist both prescribed physical therapy in water but guess what, no coverage. 

I don't believe in government dictating our private lives, I'm tired of be told what I can and can not do, where I can and can not do things and how to live my life. Apart of me however wishes that if a doctor prescribes a treatment, particular medicine, health care aide or therapy, then damn it, the insurance company should have to pay for it!  Just a thought....Bunny

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May 03, 2007

New Banner

I made a banner for my blog, but putting it up has proven to be a coding nightmare for the likes of me.  When it's finally up, correctly, it won't be me who achieved the improvement, it will be Mr. Jones.  Right now he's working his magic with making the graphics better then I could on my best day, I basically just found the picture and typed what I wanted it to say, the rest is all Mr. Jones.  Thank you sweetie!.....Bunny


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May 02, 2007

A Tip For New Bloggers

Thought I'd pass this on to anyone who could use the tip.

Rocket Jones saw my email address link (now gone) and said it was a bad idea.  When you have an email link on your page, spybots come along and gather addresses then bombard your email box with spam.  Instead, he told me to use my "paint" program and whip up a quick graphic with my email address.  It's not a clickable link and the spybots can't get the information.  So, I did as Rocket Jones would like to known as "Oh wise and benevolent one") suggested. 

On another note, Rocket Jones has started to write up simplified instructions for starting a blog, the link to Rocket Jones and "Quick Start"is on the side bar.

 Hope you find this stuff useful.....Bunny

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May 01, 2007

50th Anniversary

Today is my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary and I don't have a clue on why they have stayed together so long.

Mr. Jones and I have been married nearly 26 years and we have made it this far because of deep love, mutual respect, desire to make the other happy, genuine care and devotion.  Those are the conventional reasons we've made it this long, the unconventional reasons are: separate tv's, separate computers, twisted sense of humors and I keep the check book.

Why my parents have stayed together for 50 years is something only the two of them can explain.  As a child growing up, I remember horrible arguments, sometimes lasting weeks.  There were times when my parents didn't even talk for weeks or months at a time.  I rarely saw any sort of affection between them nor indications that they even liked each other. There were no pet names or terms of endearment.  I use to think that they have stayed together so long out of fear of being alone, maybe, maybe not.

Whatever their reasons for being married 50 years, I have to admire their staying power.  My father's health is becoming frail and my mother is there to help him however she can.  When my mother is sick, he's there for her.  Through all their problems and turmoil, they have stuck it out, worked through the hard times are still planning for the future.  Maybe it's old fashion, but when they said their vows in 1957, "to love and to cherish to death do us part" the words must have meant something to them both, sadly, those words don't hold the same weight in todays society.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


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April 29, 2007

Why Bunny?

Why do I call myself Bunny?  I have a few good reasons. 

First off, I was born on Easter Sunday, in 19??.  The funny thing about being born on Easter is that usually, every so often, you have your birthday on Easter again.  Always being the exception to the rule, my birthday has only landed on Easter twice since I was born, I was 5 & 10 years old and don't even remember it.  After doing some google research, I have since discovered that my birthday will not be on Easter again until 2047 and then after I'm over 100 years of age in 2069.  In a span from 1901-2078, only 5 times has Easter fallen on April 14.

Second reason for the name Bunny, I love bunnies.  I have 3 of my own.  To see these adorable furry friends, click more at the bottom of this post.

Third, when I was in school, there was another girl throughout most of my education that was born on the exact same day as me.  Guess who was called Bunny: hint, it wasn't me.  So, I went through most of my life with my given nickname. 

Now, I have the opportunity to be known by the name I've wanted to use since I was little, so please feel free to call me....Bunny


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Introducing Mrs. Jones

Being my first ever blog post, I suppose I should introduce myself.  I chose the name Mrs. Jones to compliment my husbands long standing blog, "Rocket Jones".  For those of you who already know Rocket Jones you may already know about me, but for those of you who aren't familiar with my husbands site, here is a mini bio.

I have been married for nearly 26 years and am fortunate to have one of those rare "one in a million" husbands.  We have 3 adult children, one of which you may already know, Mookie

I am a simple woman, I live simply and am honest to a fault.  Being so honest often gets me into trouble because I am known to tell it like it is and be very blunt.  I'm either admired or hated for my bluntness. 

 I have quite a few hobbies, among them sewing, embroidery, painting ceramics, crocheting and the internet. I have time for these hobbies mainly because I don't work.  I am currently disabled and am preparing to file for Social Security Disability.  I plan to post about my journey through the red tape of filing and hopefully getting disability benefits so that others begining the process may benefit as well.

In closing, I want to thank Mee.Nu for offering me this forum.  I hope that through this blog I can offer intelligent commantary, witty remarks and informative articles.  I look forward to readers comments and getting to know others in the blogging world.......Bunny



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