July 28, 2007


The Following is from a postcard I recieved in the mail:
Enough is Enough!
State and federal cigarette taxes have been raised more than 73 times since the year 2000, increasing the average price of cigarettes 80%.  Now Congress is targeting smokers again with a $6.10 a carton tax increase.
Everyone should pay there share of taxes, but singling out smokers is unfair.  Tell Congress raising cigarette taxes 156% is going to far.  Say NO to higher cigarette taxes.  Learn what you can do at Stop the Tax increase  or call 1-866 527-4494.
I went to this website and what it does is allows you, using a quick form, to send a letter to your state senators and representatives.  I did it, I hope you will too. 
Also, several weeks ago, I received a phone call from a pollster asking me if I thought increasing cigarette taxes to raise money for "under privileged childrens" health care was a good idea.  I adamantly said NO.  There are enough programs out there for the "under priviledge children" and it should be everyone paying for their "programs", not just smokers!
I ask that you please go to the website and let your voice be heard.  Then, please copy and send this to everyone you know who is a smoker or anyone who is tired of tax increases and ask them to fill out the form as well.  Yes, we choose to smoke, but that doesn't mean we choose to pay more taxes than non-smokers.  Thank You!...Bunny

Posted by: Bunny at 10:10 AM under "Ranting"
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