June 23, 2007

Off To Baltimore

Today Ted and I and our oldest daughter and son-in-law are off to Baltimore.  It's my niece's graduation party. 

I grew up in a town, Dundalk, a southeast suburbs of Baltimore.  When I last lived there some 25+ years ago, it was a fairly thriving suburb, now, since the auto plant and the steel mill closed, the town has started to die.  I enjoy going back every now and again, but at the same time, it's saddens me.  The house I grew up in has deteriorated due to the string of new owners in the last 10 years since my parents flew the coop and moved to Florida.  A lot of the old stores and places I used to frequent have fallen on hard times and closed or went way down hill.  My childhood wasn't the greatest, but I do have fond memories of growing up there.  I guess the old saying rings true, you can't go home again....Bunny

Posted by: Bunny at 10:42 AM under "Babbles"
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