July 03, 2007

The Day of the Year Every Woman Looks Forward To....Yeah Right!

Today is that "wonderful" day that every woman looks forward to, my annual Mammogram.  It's such a pleasure to be stripped naked from the waist up, have a stranger handle my breasts and squeeze and stretch them between two cold plates.  It's such a treat! And if that wasn't enough torture to go through, this evening I get to go spend the night in the hospital for a sleep study.  Again, I get to have a stranger handle my body and put sticky probes all over me with wires connectiong to a machine.  Have you ever tried to roll over, get comfortable and sleep with a dozen wires hanging off body from head to toe? 

What a wonderful day this will be...Bunny

Posted by: Bunny at 08:52 AM under "Babbles"
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