July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday

I love all my children dearly, but today is my youngest daughter's birthday so my focus is on her.  Many of you already know Rachael, aka Mookie, and what an incredible person she is.  Today she turns 19 and will enter her Junior year of college next month.  Rachael is the child that wasn't supposed to be.  I had had a very serious infection after my second child and at least eight doctors told me it wasn't possible to have another.   Rachael proved them wrong. 

Rachael is like no other kid her age.   Her work ethic is phenominal, the more there is, the harder she works and the more she amazes people and she thrives doing it.  Her goals are set in stone and she follows through with them.  She is on the school's Honor's List (which for her college, is higher than the Dean's List), all the while working her work study job and volunteering every other waking minute.   To her friends, she's loyal and honest to a fault, to her elders, shes respectful and responsive.  I can't imagine how my life would be today if all those doctors had been right, if she had never touched my life, never have been around to champion me and my illness, never was here to be my friend.  I love you Rachael and I hope that your birthday is the best one yet.  Thank you for being you...Mom 

Posted by: Bunny at 04:51 PM under "Just For Fun"
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